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    How long will my carpet or upholstery be wet?

    Your carpet will be dry and clean in 30 minutes. Our carpet cleaning system will never leave your carpet or carpet pads soaking wet.  We use only the amount of water necessary to clean the carpet -eliminating any worries of your carpet pad getting wet in the process. With our advanced low-moisture application carpet cleaning system, carpets can easily be cleaned on turnover days without any inconvenience for your guests.

    Upholstery takes just over an hour to dry depending on the piece.  We clean upholstery with a foam that does not completely soak the furniture like typical upholstery cleaners.  However, some cushions are slightly more absorbent and can take longer than others to dry.

    How does traditional carpet cleaning work?

    Traditional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction and/or steam cleaning methods.  This process entails soaking the carpet with hot water (30 to 50 gallons a home) and chemical solutions and then attempting to extract the moisture from the carpet.  The problem with wet extraction is what you don't see. The pad beneath the carpet gets wet during both hot water extraction and/or steam cleaning processes. The carpet pad acts like a sponge, and once wet,  takes a day or more to dry.  When traditional carpet cleaners "spot clean", it often entails pushing the spot farther down into your carpet with water and soap.  Soap is a naturally adhesive substance, once people begin walking on the spot, the remaining soap begins draw dirt and soil to the area and the spot has returned, looking worse than before. 

    How is your system different from traditional carpet cleaning?

    Innovative Green Solutions offers a clear alternative to all of the problematic traditional carpet cleaning methods. Innovative Green Solutions cleans carpet with encapsulation technology that crystallizes dirt, residue, soil, oil, and debris. The crystals form around debris and are pulled up with our pile-lifting system leaving your carpet actually clean and dry in just 30 minutes.

    What sort of stains are you able to remove?

    nnovative Green Solutions can combat stains in your home with effective results.  We pride ourselves in the ability to remove most any stain that can occur in your home including pet stains, food stains, and high traffic stains. It is always beneficial to tell your carpet technician exactly what the stain is comprised of in order for the technician to treat effectively. Once a stain has been set, it won't come out. More progressive stains like ink, may only lighten up. For vacation rental owners, we offer vacation rental packages. Packages can cut down on the number of set stains by providing comprehensive carpet cleaning throughout the rental season. Whenever anything is spilled on your carpet or upholstery it should be blotted up immediately with a damp cloth or sponge. If a stain is allowed to sit, it could potentially sink into the pad where it could "wick" back up even after being removed.

    Is low moisture carpet cleaning more expensive?

    Innovative Green Solutions offers fair competitive pricing. Our carpet cleaning system saves you money by extending the life of your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaning systems can damage the fibers and coloring of your carpet with excess moisture.

    How often should my vacation rental be cleaned?

    We recommend our customers to have at least 2 cleanings per year.  This can vary depending on the number of rentals you have, and the condition of your carpet, but  IGS normally suggests homeowners get the carpets cleaned at the beginning or end of each season. The second cleaning should be sometime after July 4th, and If you have a busy season than we suggest having a clean after Labor day as well.  Innovative Green Solutions can work with homeowners and property management groups to find a plan that's right for you.  By enlisting with a plan puts your carpets under management for the season, ensuring their clean while extending savings your way.